Try on Service

Are you confused and unsure about the color, size or if the design of the dress suits you?

Time to give our no obligation, try-on service a go! Here are 5 simple steps to find your perfect dress.

1. Select a dress or dresses and contact us with the date you would need to wear the dress. We then send you an invoice for payment. 

2. We will send you the selected dress, 4 days before the date you need to wear the dress by a reputable courier service. You are allowed to keep it for 24 hours and try the dress on as many times as you like.

3. We will charge a deposit value that is equivalent to the rental value of the dress (AED 99/AED 149) plus a refundable AED 50 is charged for the service per dress chosen. Should you choose to rent the dress, we return the AED 50. 

4. However, if you choose NOT to rent the dress and would like to send it back, we will refund the rental value deposit (AED 99/AED 149) and KEEP the AED 50 as  the try-on fee. The AED 50 covers dry cleaning so that the next customer can enjoy the dress in perfect condition.

5. After 24 hours, we will arrange a courier to collect the dress. If you would like to try on the dress, contact us now!

Example : 

Bernice would like to wear the dress on the 5th of August 2021

Dresses are sent to Bernice 1st August 2021. 

Bernice chose 1 dress for the Try on service. 

She would need to pay 149dhs+50dhs = 199dhs

If Bernice decided to rent the dress - 50dhs is returned. 

If Bernice decided not to rent the dress - 149dhs is returned.